Pottery and Canvas Painting

Come in during our open hours and dabble in pottery or canvas painting! Our shelves are full of a fun variety of pottery pieces. Pick your piece, paint it, and we fire it! We have everything from fun figurines for the kids, banks, mugs, plates, photo frames, boxes, pet bowls and more! All paints (glazes) are food safe and microwave safe. Pottery is ready for pick up one week from painting. Want to leave the studio with art in hand? Grab a canvas and an easel and get dabbling. Make a totally unique, freehand painting of your own design, or choose form our already made designs with the help of a stencil. Our staff is happy to help you through any creative challenges you might face so you can dabble with confidence! 

Splatter Zone

Let your creativity fly! Try our splatter zone with your canvas or pottery pieces for a truly expressive and colorful work of art. The splatter zone is a unique experience where you can be carefree and not worry about making a mess! Available during any of our walk in hours.


Piece by piece, make your own unique mosaic! We have a variety of templates and mosaic pieces to choose from so you can combine the shapes and colors that you love! Mosaics are ready to take home the day of your visit.

Have kids?

We are kid friendly! You can relax and take your time painting while the kiddos enjoys our inviting creative play space! Puzzles, books, toys, blocks and art materials are available to keep them occupied and happy. It’s a win, win.