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Cookie Dough and Dabble

Cookie Dough and Dabble


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Don’t miss out on this unique family fun kit! Paint your very own dessert dishes and mix up your very own batch of Spoonful cookie dough. Each kit includes 4 dessert dishes, 4 paint brushes, 6 paint colors, and a Spoonful cookie dough kit with all the dry ingredients needed to make your own edible dough as well as a variety of fun toppings!

How it works: pick up your dishes, paints and brushes from Dabble and return to Dabble once you’ve painted them. We will clear coat and fire your pottery. Finally, we will deliver your finishes pottery and cookie dough kit right to you door! Mix it up, serve it up in your dishes and enjoy!

Painted dishes must be returned to Dabble by Wednesday, May 6. You will need to have 1 stick of butter and water on hand to complete your cookie dough.